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Free: Red Eq VST Equalizer Plugin by Acustica Audio

FreeRed Eq VST Plugin

Acustica Audio has released Red Eq VST Plugin, a new equalizer plugin for Windows.

The Red Eq is a free equalizer which provides three fixed bands at 80Hz, 1.8kHz and 8kHz, the upper and lower bands being shelving while the middle has a traditional bell response. There’s an ample 16dB of cut and boost, and though the EQ may look limited compared to a parametric, it actually sounds nicely musical and the frequencies have been chosen with care.

A five-section led level meter and an output gain knob allow you to control the overall output level from the unit up to a maximum of +6dB. A red warning lamp lights if the signal approaches clipping, due to excessive use of boost on already hot signals. It can be used to make adjustments in the most needed areas of the audio spectrum without the sound losing its focus.

Main features:

  • Mac OS X: VST 32/64-bit, AU 32-bit
  • Windows: VST 32/64-bit
  • New CORE5 engine (improved performances)
  • Delay time significantly reduced
  • New installer
  • Faster loading and fewer dropouts

UPDATE! Red Eq is not more available! You might also like to read a great article on How To Use EQ

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