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Free: Novation Bass Station II Instruments by Francis Preve

Free Ableton Live InstrumentsFrancis Prève, producer and sound designer released Novation Bass Station II Instruments, a free download Ableton Live instrument. After he reviewed the Novation Bass Station II for Keyboard Magazine he goes on for this freeware virtual instrument.

The Bass Station II instruments in the file are as follows:

  • Acid – Super-resonant, making great use of the BSII’s “acid” filter mode
  • Big-n-Round – Tons of low end with muted filtering. Great for deep house.
  • Filthy – Massive ‘big room’ bass that highlights the BSII distortion. Works for leads too.
  • PWM – Pulse-width modulation with a touch of resonant fizziness.
  • Rush – Emulates the classic Moog Taurus sound with a long resonant filter sweep.
  • Subby Saw – Percussive filter enveloping on a sawtooth – with sub-OSC mixed in for an added boom.

If you don’t own Ableton Live you can just save the Wav samples, also included in the “Samples” folder. You can use them along with your other DAW or software samplers.

More Details: Novation Bass Station II Instruments

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