Free Download VST Effect PluginRaz Audio releases M/S Controller, a new freeware VST effect plugin special designed or mixing and mastering, offering you easy control of Mid or Sides content.

With some clear and easy knobs, M/S Controller is very intuitive and provide your exactly what you need. Also features some precision level bars for each channel (L/R and M/S).

The M/S controller becomes very handy in these scenarios:


  • Punchier kick/drum response for dance clubs effects
  • Bring out the lead vocal and instrument for DJ/PA venues
  • Karaoke like effects – in which the leading vocals are attenuated to zero
  • Set as a ‘send FX’ (not ‘insert’) in series to a reverb unit and attenuate ‘Mid’ (or enhance ‘sides’)

As all Raz Audio processors, the M/S controller is available as a free download.

More Details: M/S controller | Raz Audio

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