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Free: MiniStepper MIDI Step Sequencer Plugin by WOK

Free MIDI MiniStepper VST Plugin

WOK releases MiniStepper, a free for download MIDI step sequencer VST plugin for Windows, very easy to use. This plugin is the younger brother’s of the commercial Midistepper plugin also developed by WOK. This MidiStepper is priced at EUR 16 and comes with many features such as 16-step sequencer and much more.

But let’s get back to this nice free plugin…

MiniStepper features 8 steps, each with velocity, gate length and mute. Is a very simple but efficient MIDI sequencer that can be used to send MIDI information to a virtual or even a real instrument.

Several play directions, start- and end-step selectable on the fly. Sequence can be transposed by incoming MIDI notes. Also plays chords!

Host sync with dottet and triplet speed selection, swing, run on key press, MIDI-channels selectable for combined use, clear layout, free!

Ministepper plugin is available for free download in VST format for Windows and was created with SynthEdit software.

[box type=”warning” align=”” class=”” width=””]Update: This product is not available anymore![/box]
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