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FREE MAX-1 Auto-Compressor Plugin by BeatSkillz

FREE MAX1 Auto-Compressor Plugin

BeatSkillz releases MAX-1, a new free auto-compressor and maximizer plugin effect ready for Windows and MAC OS based music programs.

For those who still do not master the art of audio compression, this free compressor plugin is welcome.

You can apply it anywhere and anytime in your mix, including the mix bus, and he will do the job.

However, you have access to a few parameters (THRESHOLD, ATTACK, POST GAIN, PEAK/RMS, SOFT CLIP, METERING) to adjust compression until the result is the one you want.

MAX 1 Free Compressor VST Plugin

Moreover, this plug-in also includes some great presets that are ready to be applied and deliver in-house results.

Retain the character of your sounds with this transparent dynamics processor.

Works in VST, AU, AAX 64-bit/32-bit plugin format.

MAX-1 is available for free download (link below) via Plugin Boutique.

In conclusion, MAX-1 is an automatic compressor and maximizer plugin with intelligent variable release time and ratio settings, and best of all it’s FREE!

2021 Update: No longer available!

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