Free M4L Granulator 2 Synth By Robert Henke

Free M4L Granulator 2 Synth By Robert Henke
Granulator II is a Max4Live synthesizer based on the principle of quasi-synchronous granular synthesis. It creates a constant stream of short crossfading sections of the source sample, and the pitch, position and volume of each grain can be modulated in many ways.

This instrument is the result of lot of love and dedication. Feel free to explore its internals by opening the underlying Max patch. Do not remove my copyright tags inside the patchers and the CC license. If you use modified versions of it for your own purposes, credit me too. Also it is not allowed to sell any MAX patches based on my patches. If there are questions regarding this policy – ask me. Also have a look at the CC BY-NC 3.0 license.
In case you really enjoy the instrument, and you are going to use it for your own artistic works, I would love to get something back from you. Send me your music, send me a book you like, or what ever you think could be inspiring.


– Grain Size
– File Position, Spray, LFO
– Scan
– Window Function
– Amplitude Modulation
– Volume Envelope
– Pitch
– Frequency Modulation
– Filter/FM Envelope
– Live Input

Granulator II is available for free download via Robert Henke’s website (4.2MB download size, contains 1 instrument in ALP format)

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