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FREE Loudness Meter VST Plugin Released by Youlean

FREE Loudness Meter VST Plugin

Youlean has released Loudness Meter, a new free VST plugin for loudness. A few days ago we posted an article in which I showed how Spotify and other online streaming services are more or less on a common course on loudness, accurate metering is almost unavoidable.

Youlean’s free loudness meter plug-in comes with a nice design and an interface that gives you complete details for loudness control. The Main Meter will show you the momentary loudness, Triangle shows short-term Loudness, Loudness Readout shows numerical values for short term and loudness range and the Hold Max shows you maximum values of momentary, short term, and true peak.

Besides these, you can also see the distribution of short-term loudness measurements via Distribution Display. A loudness history is stored within the plugin in the Histogram Overview. Youlean’s FREE Loudness Meter plugin is available for Windows and MAC in stable version also in Beta versions where you can test the latest features added. Also, a comprehensive PDF manual is included!

More Details / Free Download: Youlean’s FREE Loudness Meter

In the last few days, other plug-ins that can be used to better control loudness and mastering your track for any streaming platform, see here: Dynameter Dynamics plugin.

Windows 10 Pro License

+ Free upgrade to Windows 11

Special Deal For Producers: $14.99 Regular: $49.99

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