Free Korg Volca Beats Ableton Live Drum Rack By Liveschool

Free Ableton Live Drum RackLiveschool and Studios 301 proudly presents the Korg Volca Beats Drum Rack, an new cool free drum rack for Ableton Live music making program.

The Korg Volca Beats is the rhythm machine in a new series of three portable, affordable, and analog music production tools by Korg – the Volca Keys, Volca Bass, and Volca Beats. The unit is incredibly simple, and hence very fun to use, and having a true analog engine with sounds heavily referencing classic drum machines, the Volca Beats sound quality delivers far beyond its footprint. The Volca Beats keeps it simple – six analog “parts” which are editable with only one knob per function; a built in step sequencer; one single effect – stutter, which generates repeated triggers; and MIDI in for both sync and note entry. It even has an internal speaker!

This Live Pack includes 2 separate drum racks. First rack is created by Ableton Certified Trainer Adam Maggs. With only a slight amount of processing, the rack is a pretty true representation of the types of sounds the Volca is capable of.

The second Drum Rack was put together by Liveschool’s Trent Crawford, and is loaded with effects and extra processing on each sample. There are reverbs, delays, resonators and more, all assigned to macros on the individual cells of the Drum Racks, and colour coded for easy tweaking – white for sample selection, yellow for effects controls, and blue for the usual volume and pitch parameters.
Watch the video bellow tho see this live pack in action:

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