Hosting AU - Freeware MAC microDAW
Juno Ju-X releases the Hosting AU, a Freeware microDAW for Mac OS X that hosts Audio Unit effect and synth plugins.

For the first serve, here I release Hosting AU microDAW. This is a micro-sized Digital Audio Workstation for OSX that hosts Audio Unit synth and effect plugins, comes with 4ch+1 mixer with ext-audio input, 24-bit recorder, Music-Typing kind of feature called “LazyKey”.

As Hosting AU is the simplest DAW available today, you’ll need to learn nothing more than very basic things such as what is a synth, what is a recording, what is MIDI etc.

Hosting AU has only 508KB for its size, surprisingly that could be stored in 2DD floppy diskette:D and as the app itself is all its content, you won’t have any worry to get it installed on your Mac. Just have one today, and give it a try!

As Hosting AU hosts Audio Unit plugins, you can expand it with variety of plugins, firstly I recommend my Gimmick synth to be installed, but also I know some of great plugins for free to grab such as u-he’s TyrellN6, Futucraft’s Kairatune, and also there are some paid plugins that have moderate demo limitation such as Gimmick, Xils-3 etc etc.

Free Download: Hosting AU





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