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Best Halloween FREE Scary Sound Effects Sample Packs

Halloween FREE Scary Sound Effects

It’s Halloween season and we have a special treat for you! We bring you some of the best Free Halloween Sound Effects, Samples and Free Sounds created by some of the most popular labels and sound designers in the industry.

Note that all these free horror sounds and samples are 100% royalty free to be used in any personal or commercial projects, so use them in any way you need. Enjoy!

“FEAR! SFX” by SHARP (Function Loops)

Fear SFX Sound Effects Loops

Directly from hell…kidding! Directly from Function Loops, “FEAR! SFX” free sample pack is one of the newest free sample pack released on the Internet, featuring 100 loops like scary ambiances, horror atmosphere, impacts, evil voices, impact and cinematic sound effects – all produced in “Hollywood quality”. “This collection will bring the demons and witches to your studio, beware!”

FEAR! SFX used to be a commercial sample pack but now it’s FREE, so take a closer look!

Download: FEAR! SFX

Shadows by Glitchmachines

Shadows by Glitchmachines

Shadows by Glitchmachines is a FREE collection from their Nanopack series and includes 80 exclusive composite sound effects with a sinister feel, all in 24-bit WAV format. Expect to get some unique psychological horror and dark sci-fi sounds with a foreboding twist. To download this pack for free you need to simply check-out with 0 price.

Download: Shadows

The Warehouse by 99Sounds

The Warehouse by 99Sounds

“The Warehouse” from 99Sounds is a free collection of 116 percussion and sound effects in 24-bit WAV format, created by the UK producer and sound designer Richard Gould.

These organic loops were recorded in an abandoned military storage facility in the United Kingdom, capturing the spooky atmosphere of this abandoned place.

“The Warehouse” free sample pack will give you some spine chilling sounds ready for your music or video projects.

Download: The Warehouse

Into The Darkness by Twisted Tools

Dark Ambient Sounds

“Into The Darkness” is a free collection of dark soundscapes and ambients created by Twisted Tools back in 2013. It features 721Mb of dark ambient soundscapes in 24bit/96khz WAV audio format. These dark samples will creep your spine for sure! – check them out.

Download: Into The Darkness

Free DMS Halloween Horror Vocals by DMS

Halloween Horror Vocals

Get ready to be scared! This collection from Dance MIDI Samples (DMS) of free demonic vocals and laughs will add some seriously strange and twisted horror feel to your tracks. Expect to get straight-from-hell evil voices, ghosts and goblins sounds.

Update: Not Available Anymore 

Full Moon Walking by Orange Free Sounds

Free Halloween Sounds

Orange Free Sounds bring you ”Full Moon Walking”, a FREE Halloween sound pack that includes 15 audio files in total, designed to take you into a world of spooky stories and legends. Do not expect to find short loops, rather you will find some long tracks. You can play them exactly as they are, or cut them and use the wanted parts in your projects, you decide.

Download: Full Moon Walking

Halloween Creepy Sounds by Orange Free Sounds

Creepy Sounds

“Halloween Creepy Sounds” is another collection from Orange Free Sounds that includes some unusual, creepy sounds for your music or just to scare your neighbors. The developer doesn’t tell us more details about the source of these sounds but expect to find some creepy atmospheres, soundscapes, transitions, evil vocals, whispers – I found them quite frightening!

Download: Halloween Creepy Sounds

Halloween Scary Sounds by Orange Free Sounds

Knok Knok…Who is it? You open the door but is no one there…a chill runs down your spine…!

…Well, let’s return! This third collection of “Halloween Scary Sounds & Music ” is also from Orage Free Sounds and includes 27 scary sound effects created with synths, samples, doors and similar things. Besides shorts sounds, you will also find some nice atmospheres which aim to introduce you into the Halloween atmosphere.

All audio files are provided in MP3 192 Kbps, 16 bit / 44.100 kHz format and they are 100% royalty free, just to remember.

More Details: Halloween Scary Sounds


Miscellania I: “Horror” (VST) By Versilian Studios

Miscellania I Horror VST Plugin

Miscellania I: “Horror” is not a sample pack, it’s a virtual instrument plugin for Windows and MAC (32-bit & 64-bit VSTi/AU), capable of producing various Halloween-themed sounds, weird whistle things and more. Do not expect to get a very complex virtual plugin, rather it’s a quite simple instrument but with some really great Horror sounds, and best of all it’s FREE, so give it a try!

More Details: Miscellania I: “Horror”

I hope you enjoyed our list of free Halloween sounds. Feel free to share the link on your social networks with your friends. All the best!

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