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Free Found Percussion Sample Pack by Esrever Audio

Free Found Percussion Sample Pack

Esrever Audio has released a new free sound pack called Found Percussion, filled with 13 loops and over 150 one-shots of kicks, snares, cymbals, shakers and other free percussion sounds like light switches, sticks, handclaps, lighter flicks, coins, finger snaps and mouth percussion that are about 80mb of free smashing percussion sounds for you to play with.

Having listened to some of the sounds from this pack what I have to say about this pack is that I’m happy to have these samples in my collection because they are quite unique and provide a fun source of percussion.

The sound quality of the sounds in the pack is good and these samples can be used in a lot of fun and interesting ways, especially when you start to layer them up with say a kick or snare or something to make them sound more punchy or to get them to sound better on small speakers. These percussion samples also lend themselves well to being put in a drum rack and just playing random beats to fill up a top loop or something like that.

All in all a fun free pack to have in your collection so be sure to download it over at the Esrever Audio website for some free and fun percussive times.

Update 2020! These products and the website were removed by the owner!



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