Free Drum Sequencer for Reason 10 Owners

Reason Free Drum Sequencer Rack Extension

Propellerhead came with a new auto-update for their DAW, Reason 10.1 that also introduces a new Free Drum Sequencer rack extension.

Drum Sequencer is a new free Player Rack Extension for Reason 10 DAW that can be added to any instrument device in Reason.

It features powerful-yet-intuitive programming tools to can create awesome drum beats faster than ever.

With features such as repeats, probability, and per-channel time resolution, the creative potential is endless! And the best of all – it adds fun to drum programming. Loads of fun!

The ability to set individual speed and step count for each channel mean you can go for polyrhythmic mayhem or simply create patterns that don’t sound repetitive after one play through. Unless that’s what you are after of course.

Use Drum Sequencer the way that suits your creative flow best: to sequence all the drums for your project or as a blazingly fast starting point.

If you wish you can dump your patterns to Reason’s main sequencer so you can finish your work there.


  • Pattern based drum programming
  • 8 channel, 16-steps, 8 patterns
  • Visual programming
  • Per-step settings: velocity, repeat, probability
  • Per-channel settings: Time resolution, play direction
  • Quick editing tools: random, copy, paste, preset, fill and more
  • Shuffle control

You can download the Drum Sequencer for free from the Propellerhead Shop.

Reason 10.1 Free DAW Update

Among the new features of the version 10.1 include the ability to load your own samples in the released with version 10 Wavetable Synthesizer Europe. You can also use your own samples in the Spectral Filter section as Spectral Multiplier. In addition, the update includes the Rack Extension SDK 3, which will allow third-party vendors to create better rack extensions, which now include player devices. You can read more about Reason 10 via Propellerhead website.

2 thoughts on “Free Drum Sequencer for Reason 10 Owners

  1. Oliver Ludwig says:

    Unfortunately the drum sequencer was only free for a limited time. It’s now 69$!
    (And the corresponding info was probably in my spam folder.)

  2. Max Austin says:

    Why is “Drum Sequencer” feature that was included with “Rytmik” last year, now NOT INCLUDED with today’s full priced 10.4, when it was only a year ago or with the 10.2-10.3? I mean, I did pay for a the latest full Reason that now does not seem to be so full. Why nickel and dime now? Great program, but, going down that Apple/Mac route; that did not seem to go so well for them a couple of years ago. I think if you get this year’s version, you should be able to have the same features as the previous updates.

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