RP-Dock Free Plugin Host for Windows and Mac by Rob Papen
RP-Dock Free Plugin Host for Windows and Mac by Rob Papen

Rob Papen releases RP-Dock plugin host free for download for Windows and Mac that will help you to host Rob Papen products.

RP-Dock is a standalone host application for all our current Rob Papen products.

From BLUE to Blade, and all our FX plug-ins can also be loaded!

There are handy features like tempo setting and an audio recording/playback facility.

The audio setting for sample rate can be selected from 44.1Khz up to 96Khz(depending on your soundcard/device).

Midi input offers merging of all connected Midi controllers and also included is an optional midi channel selector.

RP-Dock will host all current RP products and is completely free!

A great tool if you are playing live or in the studio or… simply cool if you just like to play around with the synthesizers or effects.

Free Download Here




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