IL Remote MIDI Controller ApplicationImage-Line releases IL Remote, a free user-configurable MIDI controller application for Android and iOS devices that can be used with FL Studio and Deckadance 2.

Just open FL Studio on your computer and IL Remote on your mobile device and you will be controlling FL Studio from your phone or tablet. You can use up to 15 devices, in any combination of Android and iOS simultaneously.

IL Remote has a number of default tabs designed to work with FL Studio. You can create new tabs with custom control layouts or delete existing tabs when in Edit mode.

IL Remote connects automatically to FL Studio when both the IL Remote application and FL Studio are open on the same network. Typical networking scenarios would be a PC connected to a Wi-Fi capable modem/router either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and the Android/iOS device/s connected by Wi-Fi to the same network OR a laptop working as an Ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, and the Android/iOS device/s connected directly to that.

IL Remote is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

See this free great application in action in the video bellow:





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