Free: Cedr Subtractive Synth VSTi Plugin by Saltline

Saltline Cedr Free Synth VSTi PluginSaltline releases Cedr, a freeware step sequencer synth plugin in VSTi format for Windows that features two oscillators and a great 16-step sequencer. The sequencer can also be used to several other of the synthesizer’s controls. For eaxample can be used to control note gate and pitch, panning and delay rate or as filter cutoff and many other functions.

Other controls include a step sequencer ‘step envelope’ giving the user the ability to create a range of sounds from choppy arps to strange pads and textures. 5 modulation slots also allow midi control routing, such as, key follow, velocity and aftertouch.

Saltline has released several great freeware VST plugins for Windows lately such as Lisc-Verb (a free reverb effect plugin) or Brzoza (a very nice virtual instrument that features 6 FM synths modulators).

Cedr was created with SynthEdit and is available in 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows and is free for download directly from Also if you want to support Saltline on their future plugin development you can make a donation via their website.

More Details: Cedr

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