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FREE Ableton Live 10 Project File by Academy.fm

FREE Ableton Live 10 Project File

Academy.fm have prepared a surprise for all Ableton Live fans. They have just launched a free Ableton Live 10 project on their site that can be downloaded for free by any Ableton Live 10 user.

“…So today, I thought I would take things one step further and give you THIS!

It’s an Ableton Live 10 Project File, called “Undercover,” and it’s unlike any project file we’ve ever released!

That’s because this pop track comes with a FULL VOCAL STEM!!

So, not only will you be getting royalty-free vocals recorded by a professional, in the house, but you’ll also be able to see exactly how these vocals were processed and arranged in a professional track.

The only thing is, we know just how rare a project file like this is, so we probably won’t keep it up for free forever.

So if you want to download this project file, make sure to do it NOW before it’s taken down.”

UPDATE! Unfortunately, this is no longer true.

You may also check out one of our favorite sample packs that include Ableton Live Template:


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