Footsteps Metal Surface for Kontakt and EXS24 by Signo SFX

Footsteps Metal Surface Effects
Footsteps Metal Surface Kontakt Effects

Footsteps Metal Surface for Kontakt and EXS24 by Signo SFX Instruments is a new collection of footsteps effects on a metal surface can be used for metal footbridges, rooms control, space stations, fire escapes, hangars and more.

FORMAT: KONTAKT 3.02+, KONTAKT 4.2.4+ – EXS24 – 96kHz/24bit mono.

Seven (7) SFX-Instruments are included in this bundle. 3 male and 4 female shoes.

  • Boots-1 Metal Surface-1 (male)
  • Comfort-1 Metal Surface-1 (male)
  • Flamenco Shoes Metal Surface-1 (female)
  • Flats-1 Metal Surface-1 (female)
  • High Heels-2 Metal Surface-1 (female)
  • Mid-Low Heels-2 Metal Surface-1 (female)
  • Sport-1 Metal Surface-1 (male)

One Key Cycle

  • 182 samples of relaxed walking
  • 182 samples of normal walking
  • 182 samples of fast walking
  • 182 samples of run
  • 140 samples of moves and scuffs and jumps
  • 182 samples of climbing stairs
  • 182 samples of down stairs

Footsteps Metal Surface Price : $64.95 (CDN) – For Kontakt 3+, 4.2.4+ (full retail) and EXS24. Check Here

Update: This Kontakt library is not available any more, check our Kontakt libraries section.

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