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Clarett 4Pre Audio Interface by Focusrite

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre

Focusrite announced the availability of their newest Clarett 4Pre audio interface, first presented at Winter NAMM 2016 Show. We can say that the Clarett 4Pre is the “little borhter” of Clarett 8Pre, released back in 2015. It comes with the same power and features of the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre (and 8PreX) but with fewer preamps and it is slightly smaller.

Clarett 4Pre features four pristine mic preamps, state-of-the-art 24-bit/192kHz digital conversion, and ultra-low round-trip latency. This will allow you to use any audio plugin inside your DAW for monitoring.

This audio interface is perfect for home studio recordings, due its ultra-low latency, 118dB A/D and 119dB D/A dynamic ranges, alongside with ADAT connectivity. Clarett 4Pre offers the cleanest way yet to get music in and out of your music recording software.


  • Four mic/line inputs on the front panel for instant, easy access, and a further four line inputs are available on the back
  • Two high-headroom instrument inputs to handle the loudest guitar pickups
  • Record and monitor with your go-to plugins in real-time
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Super-low latency Thunderbolt connectivity
  • New Clarett preamps, with ‘Air’ mode, modelling the classic ISA sound
  • Dynamic range: up to 119dB
  • 24-bit, 192 kHz sample rates
  • Expandable via ADAT
  • ‘Gain Halos’ to keep levels in check

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre audio interface is available now for shipping and is priced at $699.99 USD.

More Details: Focusrite Clarett 4Pre

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