FmDrive Sega Meg -Drive VST-Plugin by Aly James Lab
FmDrive Sega Meg Drive VST-Plugin Aly James Lab

Aly James Lab new release the FmDrive Sega Mega Drive – Genesis FM VST Synthesizer for Windows. This Windows 32-bit VST synth is suitable for chip music, Sega nostalgic pleasure and also a powerful FM tool for modern music production.

You can design a vast range of sounds on top of 33000 music instruments presets already available from Games VGMs.
Go further with extended controls, and even midi control a real sega genesis with a special hardware add-on interface, GENMDM designed by Little Scale.

Easy drag and drop to Convert your VGM music files to TFI preset to use the instruments with FMDRIVE!

This VST plugin is available after you make a donation of minim 10 EUR.
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