FlexVerb Reverb VST / AU Plugin Released by Solid State Logic

FlexVerb Reverb VST Plugin

Solid State Logic has released a new plug-in called FlexVerb which is a signal processor offering four types of reverbs – Room, Hall, Plate and Chamber. FlexVerb, however, is not only a reverb effect with the ability to regulate various typical parameters (PREDELAY, DIFFUISON, SIZE, TIME).

This plug-in gives the possibility of independently determining the type of reverb and other parameters for early and late reflections, as well as adjusting the proportions between them.

What’s more, FlexVerb offers a 6-band equalizer, an upper- and low-pass filter, adjustable reverberation time for individual bands and a Sidechain compressor. The new plug-in also gives you the ability to adjust not only the input and output level but also the ratio between the source signal and the processed signal. The application is also equipped with a library of factory presets.

Like other signal processors from the SSL Native set, FlexVerb can also work as a VST / VST / AAX / AU plug-in and requires an iLok key. You can purchase it separately or use one of the subscription plans prepared for the SSL Native package.

More Details: FlexVerb

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