Flesh NI Reaktor Instrument

Native Instruments releases FLESH, a new Reaktor instrument designed from the ground by recording artist, live performer and music producer and inventor Tim Exile, also responsible for creating two other Reaktor instruments: THE FINGER and THE MOUTH.

“The concept for FLESH came to me when touring with my custom looping, beatmaking, and improvising instrument that I built in REAKTOR. says Tim Exile

Flesh is a fun and easy-to-use performance instrument. FLESH analyzes the sounds for both transient and spectral profile and uses advanced algorithms to turn rhythmic source material like sound samples into new sound elements such as basslines, chords, harmonies, melodies and much more.

Flesh Reaktor Instrument
FLESH User Interface

FLESH features four engines:

  1. Sample Engine – to modify length, envelopes, and modulation
  2. Monosynth – turn any samples into wavetables
  3. Polysynth – transform samples into chords, or can be used as a multi-voice monosynth
  4. Subsynth – create bass frequencies from any sound source

You can use these four motors simultaneously or you can focus on just one engine, or just one set of parameters.

And if that’s not enough, FLASH includes a vast section of effects and additional modulation options.


  • Flesh out your rhythmic samples into full tracks
  • Made for hands-on performance – in the studio and on the stage
  • Create inspiring melodies dripping with feel – no music theory needed
  • Full support for NI’s Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards

FLESH Reaktor instrument is available now at the Native Instruments website for $99 / 99 € and requires REAKTOR 6 or the free REAKTOR 6 Player.

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Watch the video below to see FLESH in action:





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