FL Studio Mobile 3 Android App Released by Image-Line

FL Studio Mobile 3 Android App

Image-Line has released FL Studio Mobile 3, a new version of their popular mobile music production application.

This application was designed from the ground, everything is new, from the new user interface to a new internal architecture, and many new features. FL Studio Mobile 3 is a completely new app, it’s not an update!

FL Studio Mobile 3 comes packed with high-quality synthesizer such as GMS (Groove Machine Synth) and the new Transistor Bass, drum kits, samples and drum loops ready to be dropped directly into the step sequencer.

FL Studio Mobile 3 Workspace
FL Studio Mobile 3 Workspace

Another novelty is that you can use FL Studio Mobile 3 directly into the FL Studio desktop version like a plugin. That’ll help you synchronize your projects and transfer them from mobile to desktop and vice versa more easily.

I personally really like this new version is much more intuitive and looks much better compared to the previous version.

At this moment this app is available only for Android devices but the company says that it will be released on iOS, Windows Phone, Windows App and FL Studio Plugin very soon.

Note that if you already own the previous version, FL Studio Mobile 3 is a free update (All FLM 2 projects will load in FLM 3). For more details, new features and video tutorials please follow the link below.

More Details: FL Studio Mobile 3

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