FL Studio 21 Is Coming – New Features & Improvements

FL Studio 21 New Features Release Date

If you’re into music production, there’s no way you haven’t heard of FL Studio, or more than likely already use this music program. Well, the new version of FL Studio 21 DAW is ready to be released to the public. Image-line is preparing the final details for the big unveiling in 2022.

It’s been 4 years since the last major release of FL Studio 20, 4 years in which the developers have not been idle. They have continued to bring improvements and new features to make our lives easier.

Various updates have been released during this period, all of them bringing us closer to the release of FL Studio 21. They created everything from scratch for this new version, a new, much cleaner, and more stable code core. That sounds like hard work!

I recently updated to 20.9.2 and already saw some nice tweaks like quantized song jumps, new effects, and multiple Playlist Track selections.

FL Studio 21 New Features

What’s new in FL Studio 21?

Well, we have many new features and improvements, many requested by the thousands of producers who use this DAW. First of all, we have an improved playlist with selectable tracks, the possibility to clone tracks, MIDI loops recording, new integrations with Newtone, Newtime & Edison plugins, editable automation directly from the main window, plus the possibility to select and move multiple automation points, simple and fast.

From the Clip Menu > Chop option you can now chop Pattern and Automation Clips. FL Studio 21 brings integrated Volume envelopes directly in the Audio Clips. You can slice any Audio Clip many times and add unique volume control for each slice.

FL Studio 21 Audio Clip fade in fade out and gain controls
Source: https://forum.image-line.com

For those who are uploading their creations to music streaming platforms FL Studio 21 includes a new LUFS / ISP-meter plugin designed to make the best adjustments to get your mix ready for Youtube, SoundCloud,Spotify, Pandora etc.

New possibilities to customize the interface, and to change colors are also possible in the new version.

More features will be ready with the official launch of the FL Studio 21, so come back to read the full article, here at ProducerSpot.

When will FL Studio 21 be launched?

From reliable sources, we know that the public beta testing phase is now fully underway so it’s only a matter of time before everything is ready for the big public launch.

How much will FL Studio 21 cost?

More than likely prices will be the same as for the current version. The four options available, depending on your needs and budget, are:

  • FL Studio Fruity Edition (€ 99)
  • FL Studio Producer Edition (€ 199)
  • FL Studio Signature Bundle (€ 299)
  • FL Studio All Plugins Edition (€ 499)

And let’s not forget that you’ll get free updates for life. This is a major difference from other music production software. I think it’s the best deal on the market! I personally bought the FL Studio 10 version (it’s been a while), and I still enjoy all the new features even now.

FL STUDIO 21 Release Candidate 1 (18 Nov 2022)


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