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FL Studio 21.2 Update: Stem Separation, FL Cloud, and More

FL Studio 21.2 New Update Stem Separation FL Cloud and more

Music producers and enthusiasts, get ready to be amazed as Image-Line unveils the highly-anticipated FL Studio 21.2 update. Packed with exciting features and enhancements, this update redefines music production with Stem Separation, the introduction of FL Cloud, and a range of other additions that will surely improve your music creation experience. Let’s dive into what FL Studio 21.2 has to offer.

Stem Separation: Unleash Creativity

FL Studio Extract stems from sample

One of the most remarkable features of FL Studio 21.2 is Stem Separation, available for FL Studio Producer Edition and above. Stem Separation allows you to split any song or track into vocals, music, bass, and drums. This groundbreaking addition gives producers unparalleled control over their music, making remixing, editing, and creative experimentation easier than ever. Now you can fine-tune every element of your track with precision, opening up a world of possibilities for reimagining your music.

FL Cloud: Your Gateway to Musical Inspiration

FL Studio 21 Cloud Sounds

FL Cloud is a revolutionary new service exclusively designed for FL Studio users. It seamlessly integrates within FL Studio, offering an array of exciting features:

  1. Fully-Integrated Sample Library: Access an ever-growing library of loops and one-shots, including exclusive Artist Packs. What’s even better is that all loops are automatically synced to your project tempo, making it effortless to find the perfect sound for your project.
  2. AI-Powered Mastering: FL Cloud simplifies the mastering process by providing AI-powered masters in seconds. These masters are tailored with presets for various genres and are optimized for all major streaming and download platforms. Say goodbye to the hassle of mastering and hello to professional-sounding tracks.
  3. Digital Distribution: With FL Cloud, powered by DistroKid, you can release an unlimited number of tracks to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It’s the perfect solution for artists looking to get their music out to the world effortlessly.

There are multiple ways to harness the power of FL Cloud:

FL Studio Cloud Plans Prices

  • Subscription: Gain unrestricted, credit-free access to all features. Download any sound at any time without worrying about credits or expiration.
  • Free Features: Enjoy a curated, credit-free library of loops and one-shots, along with unlimited use of mastering using a default genre preset.
  • Credit Packs: FL Studio users and trial users can access any sounds from the full library, including Artist Packs, with the purchase of non-expiring credits.

Rest assured, FL Studio remains committed to providing Lifetime Free Updates, and there’s no obligation to use a subscription. Your ability to continue using FL Studio as you always have is guaranteed.

Other Exciting Additions:

In addition to Stem Separation and FL Cloud, FL Studio 21.2 introduces a slew of other features:

  • Kepler (Producer Edition): This update includes Kepler, an analog-modeling synth meticulously recreated from an iconic 80s classic. It’s available in FL Studio Producer Edition and above.
  • Vintage Phaser: The Vintage Phaser, included with FL Studio Signature Edition and All Plugins Edition, now features an all-new engine with a Feedback Inversion control. It’s the perfect tool for adding that classic phaser sound to your tracks.
  • Audio Clips for Fruity Edition: Fruity Edition users can now work with up to eight Audio Clips, allowing the addition of vocals, loops, and, for the first time, complex audio chops and edits.
  • Colored Waveform Customization: Enjoy a more detailed visualization of an Audio Clip’s frequency content, allowing for better understanding and control of your sounds.

With the release of FL Studio 21.2, Image-Line continues to raise the bar for music production software. Stem Separation, FL Cloud, and a host of other features and enhancements open up new horizons for music producers. Whether you’re an established artist or a budding musician, this update promises to empower your creative journey like never before.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the future of music production with FL Studio 21.2. Get ready to unleash your musical potential and let your creativity soar.

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