FL Studio 20 Announced for 2018 – What’s New

FL Studio 20 is FL Studio 13

What seemed to be an innocent joke, the rumors were confirmed officially by Image-Line: FL Studio 20 will be released in 2018.

MAY 2018 UPDATE! FL Studio 20 Is Now Available

The next version for the much-loved music production software FL Studio will not be the 13th version as it was normal to follow the previous 12 version, but it will release in version 20.

A first reason is that FL Studio 20 will mark the 20th anniversary of its existence.

On the Image-Line company forum, FL Studio 20 is already available for testing in a beta version, disguised as FL Studio 12.9. If you want to try it, you can download it here: FL Studio 12.9 (FL Studio 20 Beta).

FL Studio 20

Please note, I do not recommend using the beta version for your main productions yet, you may have some compatibility issues, also it will expire on January 15, 2018.

It’s official!

Yes, so it is officially confirmed the launch of the FL Studio 20 in 2018, it only remains to wait for an official launch date and see what improvements will include the new FL Studio 20. Typically, previous versions were released between March and April.

What’s new!

Some official features were already announced: we will see some improvements in the DirectWave, FruityReverb now supports 64bit, the mixer has expanded to 125 tracks, improving playlist visibility, time signature support, consolidating an individual track and much more.

FL Studio 20 Features

The graphical interface mainly remains as in the previous version, very few changes. More emphasis has been placed on functionality and usability.

I think FL Studio 20 will come with at least a new virtual instrument and some new effects, as in FL Studio 12 version introduced the Transient Processor, Razer Chroma or Transistor Bass from version 12.4.

The ability to save your work in the cloud would be something really useful. In this way we’ll have access to our projects and files anywhere and whenever we need them. Remains to be seen.

Also, maybe we will see an official version of FL Studio 20 for MAC users, which is in development for some time.

I’m confident that the new FL Studio 20 will thank existing customers and make a place among the best music production programs in 2018 as it did each year so far.

Anyone who already owns the previous version of FL Studio DAW will be able to update the program to the latest version for free when it is available. That’s what I love at FL Studio, free updates for life! 🙂

What do you think about this change? What new features would you like to see in the new FL Studio 20? Leave your comments below.

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