FL Studio 12.5 New Update Released by Image-Line

FL Studio 12.5

Image-Line announces the FL Studio 12.5 new update, that is their last major release of FL Studio 12 music software. It looks like FL Studio 13 is on the horizon!

The FL Studio 12.5 update includes a lot of improvements, especially when dealing with the DAW and the workflow.

New functions and the graphical interface of individual components were also improved.

Here are just a few of the most important updates, be sure to check the link at the end of the page for all the news and links where you can download this software:

  • Picker Panel (Alt+P) – A Pattern, Audio and Automation Clip manager/browser that lists all Pattern, Audio and Automation Clips in the project.
  • Virtual MIDI Controllers – Resizable, customizable vectorial Keyboard and Drumpads. Play the selected Channel, just like an external MIDI controller.
  • Automation Clips – New (Right-click) control points ‘Type in value…’ feature.
  • FPC – Resizable vectorial UI. Pads can now have custom colors and icons. New layout options (single/double pads). Per-pad automatable pitch.
  • Fruity Delay 3 – ‘Analog’ style delay plugin with BPM varying tempo-synced delay. It includes filtering and distortion options.
  • Harmor – Vectorial UI.
  • Fruity Balance – New vectorial UI & converted native plugin.
  • Patcher – Threaded processing of hosted plugins/modules. ‘More…’ option in plugin insertion menus. (Right-click) node and select ‘Insert plugin…’ to connect a plugin to a node. Load DirectWave when .dwp file is dropped.
  • Edison – Shows the length of selections (top-right in the Editor window).
  • Layer Channel – ‘Reset children’ option, resets the range and root notes for all Child Channels of a layer.
  • DirectWave – Resizable vectorial UI. New filters (MiniSynth & Vox) plus High-Quality Rendering (Option) to enable near audio-rate modulation of all DirectWave parameters.
  • Channel Sampling Robot – (Right-click) any Channel and select ‘Create DirectWave instrument’ to turn any Channel, Patcher or Layer into a DirectWave bank/patch.
  • Transistor Bass – New ‘303 pulse’ (square waveform) switch and ‘Gate Length’ control.
  • Control Creator – Updated and now accessible from Patcher > Control Surface and the Tools menu.
  • Control Surface – Controls can now be auto-aligned. Select two or more controls and Right-click > Align for options.
  • Plugin preset panel – Native plugins now show preset name and selection on the top-right of the window.
  • MIDI Out – New ‘Note’ Knob output mode. Automate sending a note on and off. A note value of 0 = Note OFF.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Loads .dwp files (monolithic DirectWave presets). FL Studio will open .flm projects in FL Studio Mobile. Drag and drop compatible formats on the plugin (.flm, .dwp, .wav etc)

Additional changes & Bugfixes – Many! See What’s New Here.

FL Studio by Image-Line is actually one of the most used and best DAWs in the world. It’s one of the simplest programs to get started with and has everything you need to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master in professional quality.

FL Studio music software is especially used in electronic music production, beat making etc..  It is used by Sweden’s strongest bright star in electronic dance music – Avicii, or by the Dutch DJ, record producer, and musician, Martin Garrix – but also by many Hip Hop producers from the USA like Jahlil Beats, Boi-1da, Soulja Boy, Lex Luger and more others.

See here the entire list of producers from the official FL Studio / Image-Line website.

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