FL Studio 12.4

Image-Line has just released FL Studio 12.4, a new update for their world-popular FL Studio music production software.

Perhaps one of the most important addition is the Transistor Bass synthesizer plugin that emulates the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer.

We had the chance to be among the first who tested this new synthesizer plugin and we can say that Image-Line have done a tremendous job. You can read the whole review here: Transistor Bass Review

Transistor Bass FL Studio

Another new addition is the FL Studio Mobile plugin that will help you bring your mobile projects into FL Studio DAW more easily.

Besides these new add-ons, other plug-ins like FPC, Harmless, Ogun, Parametric EQ2, Slicex, Vocodex have received vectorial user interfaces.

Newtone plugin gets new buttons for pitch and warp modes, while the ZGameEditor Visualizer can now use drag-and-drop to re-arrange layers plus some new extra presets and enhances.

That is just a part of what you’ll find in this new FL Studio 12.4 version. I let you discover more on the official website (link below).

More Details: FL Studio 12.4

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