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FIRE First FL Studio Hardware Controller by AKAI

AKAI Fire FL Studio Controller

AKAI will launch FIRE, a USB / DAW controller tuned to the FL Studio 21 DAW music production software from Image-Line. In fact, the new Akai Fire is the first FL Studio dedicated hardware USB controller.

Created in close collaboration with software manufacturer Image-Line, Fire finally gives FL Studio producers a dedicated hardware controller – designed to speed up the creative workflow and enhance the overall user experience.

Thanks to the plug-and-play integration of the controller, it should be possible to create patterns and tracks within a very short time and with an intuitive workflow. The 4 x 16 matrix of the controller is central here.

Akai Fire FL Studio Hardware Controller

You should be able to move in the Channel Rack, the Brower, the Tool Bar or the Playlist Menu without even having to put your hand to the computer mouse. The graphics-capable OLED display allows for easy browsing and tactile control over various files, menus and parameters of the FL Studio session. In addition, the Akai Fire FL Studio Controller offers a transport section.

In addition to this DAW mode, the controller also provides a performance mode that blurs the boundaries between the controller and the instrument. Playing and recording notes by using the velocity-sensitive RGB pads is only one thing.

Up to four FL Studio Controllers can be connected to the FL Studio DAW, so that an enormously large matrix with appropriate control possibilities can arise.

The included Fruity Fire Edition provides access to FL Studio’s piano roll editor and step sequencer, up to 500 tracks, support for VST and DXi instruments, full automation functionality, more than 18 virtual instruments and more than a dozen built-in effects.


  • Plug-and-play integration with FL Studio
  • Quickly input patterns along the timeline in the step sequencer
  • 4 x 16 Matrix of Velocity-Sensitive RGB Pads
  • Record notes in Performance mode
  • Graphical OLED display
  • 4 banks of assignable Touch-Capacitive Knobs
  • Instantly navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar and Playlist windows
  • Use dedicated controls to quickly browse audio and project files
  • Dedicated Transport controls
  • USB Bus Powered

The Akai Fire FL Studio Controller is compatible with PC and Mac and fits perfectly with the latest version of FL Studio 20.

In terms of price, the controller should be around 199, – US dollars.

Find more details: AKAI Fire

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