FB-3100 FREE Synth Plugin by Full Bucket Music

FB-3100 FREE Synth VST Plugin

Full Bucket Music has released FB-1300, a new free synthesizer plugin that emulates the Korg PS-3100 polyphonic analog synthesizer.

“The PS-3100 was, in fact, the first synthesizer with the classic KORG patch bay, previewing many of the well-known MS-20 features, and the first (semi-)modular polyphonic synth at all!”

With this FB-3100 free software synthesizer, they tried to get closer to the original unit, as behavior, controllers, and sound.

This plugin featuring classic two-pole lowpass filters, band-limited oscillators, a resonators section, two modulation generators, sample & hold controls, additional ‘paraphonic’ Envelope. Generator, a semi-modular patch panel, micro tuning option, additional tweaks, MIDI learn and that’s it.

Full Bucket Music team has managed to do a good job. They have worked hard enough to achieve this synth plugin, so it deserves your attention and maybe your contribution in case you want to support – a donation button is available on the original website (see the link below).

FB-3100 software synthesizer comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows only!

In addition, a comprehensive PDF manual is available, that will introduce you all the features and functions of this free synthesizer. I recommend you download it as well.

Download Link: FB-3100