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faSampleDelay FREE Delay Effect Plugin by Forward Audio

faSampleDelay FREE Delay Effect Plugin

Forward Audio has released faSampleDelay, a new free delay effect VST, AU plugin for Windows and MAC OS.

faSampleDelay is a completely new version with a redesigned graphical user interface, much better arranged to be intuitive and easy to use in your DAW environment.

Apart from the fact that it looks good and it’s intuitive, this free delay plugin is very useful, especially when it comes to drums and guitars.

It features 4 different input units (ms, foot, meter & Samples). Supports Samplerates between 44.100 – 192.000 Hz.

Besides all this, another important aspect is that this plugin uses a CPU saving algorithm, so your processor will not be loaded to much, even if you use this free delay effect on multiple tracks at the same time.

faSampleDelay FREE Delay works on PC and MAC hosted music software, like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase etc. It comes in VST2, VST3 or AU plugin format.

In order to download this free plugin, you must visit the developer’s website (link below), press the download button – you will need to enter your email and name to get a free license.

More Details: faSampleDelay

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