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FaderPort 16 DAW Controller Announced by PreSonus

FaderPort 16 DAW Controller

PreSonus has released the FaderPort 16, a larger version of their FaderPort 8 DAW controller released back in 2016, with 16 touch-sensitive, motorized faders. After the FaderPort 8, Presonus introduces the lush FaderPort 16, which, wants to meet all requirements as a gigantic DAW controller.

The new PreSonus FaderPort 16 controller works with 16 moPreSonusand touch-sensitive faders, which are additionally supported with solo, mute and select buttons. In addition, there is a small display available for each channel strip, which displays the parameters such as track name and panorama.

Instead of 16 panorama sliders, there is a central slider that uses the track selector to set the respective panorama. 89 buttons are also available to cover a total of 104 DAW functions.

In addition to the tactile mix control and transport section, automation and zoom functions, aux paths, and macro allocation are provided. Although FaderPort 16 is tailored to the in-house DAW Studio One, it works as a universal controller with all popular sequencer programs together. The integration is made via HUI and Mackie protocol.

Now Presonus offers the right controller for every requirement! Presonus FaderPort 16 is expected to hit the market in November for $ 999 (plus VAT).

More Details: Presonus FaderPort 16

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