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Fabfilter Twin 3 Software Synthesizer Is Now Available

Fabfilter Twin 3 VST GUI

Fabfilter Twin 3 is the latest upgrade of the well-known software synthesizer plugin from the popular software company Fabfilter. This new Twin 3 version has changed a lot, especially on the outside. The changes are strongly reminiscent of the current versions of Timeless 3 and Volcano 3 as well as Saturn 2. Chic, modern, clear, and interesting! Of course, there are also new technical sound functions and options for designing sound with modulation paths.

The flagship synthesizer FabFilter Twin 3 was teased yesterday as a teaser video on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel. You actually “only” see macro recordings of the new graphic interface and hear some arpeggio synthesizer sounds from the sound generator. All sliders glow in bright bright colors on a dark background, making them much easier to see than in the old version. The highlight is of course, as in all Fabfilter plugins, the intuitive and easy usability and creation of the modulations of all parameters. This section has been taken over from the current new versions of Timeless 3, Saturn 2, or Volcano 3.

Now the synthesizer has been released and the feature board confirms what was already suspected. New in the FabFilter Twin 3 synthesizer are several freely assignable effects, such as phaser, chorus, reverb, delay, drive, compressor, an improved EQ-style filter with multiple shapes and slopes, and an advanced arpeggiator with groove. A new High-Quality Mode brings an improved resolution of the audio signal, but certainly also a higher CPU load. The tone generator is now also 64-voice polyphonic and has an improved unison mode. Overall, a big step forward for Fabfilter’s sound design synthesizer.

Prices and availability for the new software synthesizer

Fabfilter Twin 3 is now available directly at our website (ProducerSpot.com) for $129. The plugin runs on macOS 10.12 or higher (including Apple Silicon Support) and Windows Vista or higher as AU, AAX, VST3, and VST in 32 or 64-bit. The Twin 3 plugin is authorized via a generated license key that you will get in your email inbox after you complete the online purchase.

Fabfilter’s Twin 3 Video Preview


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