F1 FilterBox Free VST Effect Plugin by RAZ Audio

F1 FilterBox Free VST Effect Plugin

RAZ Audio has released F1 FilterBox, a free multi-mode filter VST effect plugin for Windows users.

Actually, this is a very handy sculpturing tool with a very intuitive and easy to use user interface featuring a powerful multi-mode filter with 6 different filters shapes and a modulator.

You can use F1 FilterBox on drum loops, samples, sampled content, vocals, basses, guitars, in almost all types of sounds, either recorded or synthesized.

F1 FilterBox will provide you interesting musical ideas at very short setting time through its 6 different filters shapes:

  • LPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]
  • HPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]
  • BPF [12 and 24 Db/Octave]

…and various methods to modulate the cut-off point:

  • LFO (time-based, [ms])
  • Sync_LFO – temp based, synchronized to DAW’s BPM setting
  • Envelope follower

The master modulation depth setting can be run to negative values as well as positive. All these possibilities of modulation can be run in parallel for much faster and inspiring results.

In the foreground of the user interface is a large ‘XY pad’ – simply catch and drag the set-point using your mouse. Also, the GUI features a MIDI control, Frequency and Peak knobs, modulation mode, depth and polarity, LFO control, DAW automation, and access to 32 factory presets for instant inspiration.

Available in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, F1 FilterBox is a high versatility fun tool so it’s worth a try, you will definitely love it.

More Details: F1 FilterBox

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