EXPOSE Quality Control Plugin by Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix EXPOSE Plugin

After Reference and Levels SoundSpot, are back with a new tool named Expose a Mix / Master within a few seconds for defects examine, which are then highlighted in color in a heat map.

Also, read the Importance of using reference tracks.

Expose plugin incorporates multiple measurement techniques, including the LUFS, True Peak and Sample Peak measures. Four sections provide detailed information about the dynamic range and loudness. The phase values with the correlation and the data for the left and right channel are also displayed. To check a song, just drag and drop the file onto the sizable interface. Anyone who masters music is confronted with a variety of target formats and playback systems. For example, sounding good on a CD can suddenly cause problems such as digital clipping when playing iTunes or Spotify.

The stand-alone program Expose promises to detect such technical problems. First of all, you can load up to 17 songs that you want to check. Then you decide on a preset with reference values, eg. Eg for mastering for Spotify. The software analyzes the loudness, the peak levels, the stereo field and the dynamic range of the audio files. On the left side of the tidy user interface, the readings are displayed and problematic areas in the audio file are highlighted in red. After identifying problems, you can eliminate them in the DAW. The corresponding sections of the audio file can be previewed directly in the application. In our test, professionally mastered songs also had drastic problems such as strong clipping and a low dynamic range, which shows that much of the music is still mastered quite “hotly”.

Expose convinces as a practical and inexpensive tool for the final quality control of songs. The presets included are useful recommendations to ensure that the final mix or mastered tunes meet the loudness standards of the target format. The tool can also help you to find your own reference values for a dynamic and lively mastering and to detect stereo problems. Find more details and get the plugin at PluginBoutique, link below.

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