Ethereal Harp Samples Loops

Organic Loops intros Ethereal Harp, a new collection of Harp loops and samples, all recorded and played with expert precision, suitable for a wide range of music styles.

From melodic harmonies, plucked chords to accented leads, arpeggios and glissandos, Ethereal Harp sample packs includes over 190 high-quality Wav loops and samples, ready to be added into your track.

In detail, this sample pack includes 298Mb of high-quality content with 193 Wav Samples. Expect to find a total of 149 Loops – 57 Loops at 90BPM, 38 Loops at 100BPM, 18 Loops at 110BPM and 36 Loops at 124BPM. Included are 2 Harp Multi Sampled instruments, consisting of 44 individual samples. 149 Apple Loops are included alongside 149 Rex2 Loops. 2 Software Sampler Patches are included and formatted for NNXT, Halion, Sfz, Kontakt and Esx24 soft samplers.

“At BPMs from 90 to 124, Ethereal Harps will bring harmony and tranquillity to a host of Genres including HipHop, Bigbeat, TripHop, House, Chillout, Ambient, Lounge and Acoustic. Each of the Loops have been recorded and organised into musical Keys, which can be combined to give you a rich tapestry of melodies. The Keys include A Major, A Minor, C Major, E Major, C Minor, G Major, E Minor, G Major and G Minor.”

Add more serenity to your music with this great sample packs, that is available at for €21.29 / $22.60. You will find more details and audio demos at link listed below. Enjoy!

More Details: Ethereal Harp

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