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Essential Equipment For Making Your Own Music

In this fast forward life, jumping into the world of music recording and music production for the newbies can be a life-altering decision. There are a lot of several tools to get started as a beginner sound engineer or music producer. But starting a home studio from scratch can seem like a devastating attempt.

Also, searching the right music recording equipment for making your own music in your home studio is not a challenge if you know what you’re looking for and what you are receiving. It needs the right tools, gears, and best music stores to find them. So, let’s check out the critical home studio music production equipment for making your own music.

1. Laptop/Computer

It is clear that if you want to make your own music you need a computer or laptop, and the most famous one is the iMac. Your PC must have at least 8 GB ram and 500 GB memory along with a good quality sound card. But the sound card is not vital if you are purchasing studio monitors.

2. Studio Monitors

They are the loudspeakers built for the music production. Studio Monitors are vital music production equipment for your every home studio if your computer does not have a top quality sound card. They are different from the standards consumer stereo speakers because they do not enhance or equalize bass/treble.

They make mastering and mixing quite simple as you hear the sound more clearly. They are usually of high cost but if you have a low budget, find the one that is value for money. The best pair provides the accurate monitoring all over the frequency range.

3. Digital Audio Workstation

This music making software let you arrange, edit, and mix your music for a high-quality song. Digital Audio Workstation is the central workstation of your whole music studio. It also allows you to record and create audio tracks along with making song arrangements.

4. MIDI Keyboard/Controller

MIDI Controller is another valuable tool for every home studio. It makes your beat production speedier and easier. MIDI Keyboard will load your notes into your DAW on the go. You can select them at the reasonable price to increase the productivity of sound massively because it doesn’t let you draw the notes but pay them. It will also help you when you’re playing the keyboard/piano.

5. Audio Interface

This superb music production equipment is excellent to include the live instruments in your music production. Audio Interface allows your instruments, MIDI controllers, microphones, and monitors to connect seamlessly to the digital audio workstation of your computer.

It will let your record you vocals while making sure that the input is of the best quality and flawless. Also, make sure that is no delay between your playing and inputting into DAW. You can even pug your instruments into the PC, but the audio interface allows you to use more hardware.

6. Studio Headphones

Headphones can make or break your mix. It offers a flat response for the accurate monitoring and let you carry your music making, recording and mixing anywhere with you.

7. Microphone

You need at least one microphone if you plan on recording your music. Nowadays you will find three types: Condenser, ribbon, and dynamic. For the high-quality recording, Condenser mics are used; for on-stage, people prefer Dynamic Microphone, and ribbon mics are lovely for the vocals and warm sounding.

If you have decided to set up own home studio up and running, then buy the high-quality music production equipment from RiotSound. These essential state-of-the-art pieces of equipment will amp your music performance for sure.

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