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Essential Beat Making Equipment For Home Studios

Essential Beat Making Equipment For Home Studios

So it is your dream to start making your own beat, and you keep wondering on what kind of beat making equipment you should get for your home studios? Most of the people might be having a dream of kick-starting their music professions, but the massive capital required to produce their music is way too costly.

Sometimes back, one was required to pay thousands of dollars to come up with a professional studio, but now you can produce excellent quality music for less than a thousand dollars. The essential thing to do when you want to make your own beats is choosing the right beat making equipment and great software for making beats. Below we look at the things you need to get right when you are serious about making music.

Digital Audio Workstation

1. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

This Digital Audio Workstation or (DAW) will serve as the primary beat-making software and it is the most crucial element of your home studio.

This is the program where you essentially do your everything in- this will include, sequence your instruments, mix and master your songs and most importantly record your vocals. It is crucial to note that this program is only functional on Windows, for those using Mac; they will have to use the program by using either parallels or boot camp.

The responses from the users of this program before have been extremely positive and still, significant improvements have been made. Another great thing about the program is that when you purchase the software, it comes bundled with unlimited lifetime updates.

This simply means that when you purchase versions 13, 14, or 15 you will get other future versions of the software without making any payment, you will just need to update your current software to move to the next new version.

You can get several versions of this program depending on your specific needs; you can buy the signature bundle or the producer bundle depending on the features you are looking for in the program.

Virtual Musical Instruments

2. Virtual Instruments (Plugins)

A virtual instrument is a kind of software that acts as a sound module and can be detailed with various keyboards, drum machines, analog synthesizers, and other traditional instruments to come up with the right kind of sound the user wants.

This musical instrument is designed in a way that it can expand its abilities for a much higher advanced quality of recording production.

One major challenge most people face is knowing how to use virtual instruments (VSTi) – the provided drum samples, piano loops, strings, and guitars – you can play these sample instruments from your keyboard, through a MIDI connection, and record the music internally in these programs.

Considering that many sounds qualities are determined by the standard of the recording software, it can be extremely fun to use a virtual drum groove, at the same time make a recording of a virtual bass line on top, make an addition of a virtual organ pad, do many other things at a go.

Regardless of how cool your composition is though and how exciting your performance may be, the resulting mechanical sounding can be poor. You need to practice thoroughly and make your virtual instruments rhyme with the music and sound more realistic.

Studio Headphones

3. Studio Headphones

For anyone serious about music-making, excellent studio headphones are a vital element for any recording studio. Proper headphones need to produce a natural and detailed sound with the capacity to handle high volume levels.  You do not need the kind of headphones that make your time at the studio uncomfortable.

The best headphones have to be light in weight but still designed with durable materials with extra cushion for a cozy and comfortable fit for the user. It is important to know this fact before choosing your studio headphones, it is essential to have in mind that there are two kinds of headphones to consider, the open-head headphones and the headphones with a closed back.

The closed one is better for tracking as it gives you excellent optimal sound isolation. The open headphone is best used when mixing music as it provides you with excellent optimal sound quality. It is essential to note that when purchasing great home studio headphones you should have a consideration of size and the type of technology used, but it is most important to consider the features that will ensure you get quality sound in your music.

Note that, headphones with a significantly lower harmonic distortion will make better sounds than those with higher (THD).

MIDI Controller

4. MIDI Controller (MIDI Keyboard)

At this stage, you already got the program to make your beats, and you thereby need something to make it with. This is where the MIDI controller comes in the equation. For beginners, it is essential that you get a MIDI keyboard with 25 keys to start with.

At this point, you require to practice and be in a position to play out your musical keys and practice your scales thoroughly. At this time, something small, affordable and compact will be a perfect match for you.

The size of the MIDI controller with 25 keys is something most people would like because it’s portable and you can travel with it anywhere unlike the 3-foot keyboard that is impractical to travel with. This MIDI controller comes with pads you can program drums with the mixing knobs and to tweak volumes for different channels.

This is for purposes of expanded pitch and modulation control and it has a dynamic control stick that is 4-way. At some point, you might require more than 25 keys to compose you beats, especially if you are using many chords that move across various octaves. This means that you will eventually need a 49-key MIDI controller.

Computer (For Music Production)5. Computer For Music Production

This is the digital era, and you need a computer for many reasons in your home studio. Building your own music production computer will help you with software programs for optimum management and storage of all your music, mixes and all your digital files that you need for all your musical needs. It is cumbersome and sometimes impossible to work without a computer in your studio, especially in this digital era.

You need a computer that is fast and capable of handling your Digital Audio Workspace software since it requires a lot of processing power.

You, therefore, need to put this consideration at the back of your mind to ensure that you do not struggle with the production of your audio works. In this case, you will need to invest in a premium laptop for music production or a desktop that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Getting involved with computer music production will involve you putting together your studio set up around your music production computer as the heart of your home studio. It is therefore essential for the user to understand the basics of how computers work in a music production studio.

As a growing hitmaker, you need to invest more in improving your computer usage skills in your studio.

Studio Monitors

6. Studio Speakers (Studio Monitors)

Studio monitors play a significant role in ensuring you deliver a flat sound or the exact thing that is in your mix or master. Usually, most speakers will have some negative effect on the music and end up degrading it. Studio monitors are therefore speakers explicitly designed for studios.

Some people consider these studio monitors as an optional part of their home recording studio though it is essential to consider them essential, especially for beginners.

They will only be regarded as optional in cases where the user has thoroughly practiced and has a pair of high-end headphones.

Studio monitors are essential in the sense that they consume less time as compared to the action of keeping running back and forth between different systems to mix. For most beginners, studio monitors will be the perfect tools for you to use.

When it is time to make your recordings, monitor speakers will enable you to know the quality of recordings you are making. It does not make any sense to work so hard recording your project only to find out later that your mixing was done wrongly. Therefore, monitors are important, but not “all-important.” It is worth spending a few bucks on getting a decent quality of sound at your recording.

External Hard Drive

7. External HDD (Flash Drive)

This is one of the often-overlooked equipment in home studios, but it is essential during the process. Most producers and home studios use four main hard drives. These are namely your operating disc, your write disc, your sample library, and your backup drive.

This is simply where your operating system, plug-ins samples, DAW, and virtual instruments are stored. This is also the storage point where other programs in your computer run.

You, therefore, need to know what to choose for your specific applications, and the importance of backing up your work and which can save you countless hours of time and heartache.

Failure to back up your work can make you lose loads of work. As you begin the action of recording tracks upon tracks, your system drive is doing many tasks at a go. By using your system drive alone, you are likely to get performance problems that you can altogether avoid by using an external hard drive.

You also need to keep in mind that working your sessions on an external hard drive does not guarantee you complete backup. Have your files in three separate drives, one of which should be entirely off-site for maximum security.

Now Over To You…

As you can see it takes on a big investment to start making your own beats at home, all you would need is a few types of equipment and you are ready to go.

Before we end this topic we would like from you:

  • Let us know if you are going to get all the equipment that was mentioned it this blog post?
  • Also, let if we missed any important beat-making equipment.
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