Equalize – Versatile Equalizer Plugin by Acon Digital

Acon Digital Equalize

Acon Digital proudly present Equalize, a new unique and versatile parametric equalizer VST/AU plugin that combines unique features with excellent workflow and an intuitive user interface.

Unlike other equalizers, you can freely adjust not only center frequency, gain and bandwidths, but also the filter slope for each band. The filter slope can be set anywhere from 3 dB to ultra-sharp 120 dB per octave. Needless to say, you can operate Equalize as a zero latency plug-in when using the minimum phase mode or choose to preserve the phase relationships in the linear phase mode.

Equalize by Acon Digital can work in linear phase, minimal phase and mixed phase. That gives a unique control over potential pre-ringing which is a common problem with linear phase filtering.

Acon Digital Equalize Features:

  • Up to twelve equalizer bands
  • Six different filter types (low cut, low shelf, peak, notch, high shelf and high cut)
    Band frequency, gain, bandwidth and filter slope is freely adjustable for each band
  • Three different filter modes, minimum phase, linear phase or the novel mixed phase
  • Adjustable latency and pre-ringing time in mixed phase mode
  • Zero latency in minimum phase mode
  • Channel mode (mid, side, left, right or full processing) can be set independently for each band
  • Solo and mute modes
  • Optional automatic make-up gain
  • Optional gain to bandwidth linking
  • Two spectrum analyzers that can analyze the input or output signal from the mid, side, left or right channel
  • Graphical visualization of the equalizer frequency response
  • Preset manager and a large number of factory presets
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

Equalize Highlights:

  • Up to twelve independent bands
  • Freely adjustable gain, frequency, bandwidth and filter slope
  • Three different phase modes, including the novel mixed phase mode
  • Choose channel mode for each band independently (mid, side, left, right or full processing)

Equalize by Acon Digital is available as VST, AAX for Windows and AU plugin format for Mac, priced at $99.90 USD.

At PluginBoutique.com you can buy this great EQ plugin at an introductory price of $75 (20% Off).

More Details/Buy Options: Equalize by Acon Digital

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