Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer

Waves has released eMotion LV1 Live Mixer, a new innovative software mixer featuring up to 64 Stereo Channels. eMotion LV1 is the next step in a new era of live digital sound mixing, offering the best quality, easy to use and speed.

This virtual mixer comes with a very nice design, very alike to that of a real mixer. Every aspect of the eMotion LV1 interface has been designed to meet any front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers needs when it most counts.

eMotion LV1 Live Mixer is based on Waves SoundGrid technology (which can run on your PC or Mac) to deliver superior quality and a convenient workflow perfect for live environments. Besides superior quality, this software mixer allows you to run however many plugins you want from the console itself. This mean you will have maximum flexibility to work with your console, whether you are using multi-touch screens or any other control surface.


  • 64 stereo/mono input channels, 36 buss/return channels
  • Run 8 SoundGrid-compatible plugins directly on each channel
  • Standard channel processing provided by Waves eMo plugins
  • 16 auxes, 8 audio groups (stereo/mono), L/R/C/Mono, 8 matrixes
  • 16 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 8 user-assignable shortcut keys
  • 32-bit floating point mix engine; up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • Compatible with industry-standard control surfaces
  • Supports up to four screens (requires 4-port graphic adapter)
  • Multi-touch support for Windows 8.1 and up, with touchscreens supporting 10-point touch (USB-to-Ethernet adapter required)
  • Single-touch support for Mac (using compatible drivers)
  • Connect to diverse SoundGrid I/Os & drivers and to multiple DAWs
  • Windows/Mac 64 bit-compatible

eMotion LV1 is available in three versions: 64-channel ($1149), 32-channel ($949) or 16-channel ($749) at Waves website. Check the link below for extra details, video demos, setups examples and more.

More Details: eMotion LV1





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