Electric and Acoustic Saz instrument for Kontakt by Soundiron

Soundrion Kontakt Guitar

Electric and Acoustic Saz is a new virtual instrument for Kontakt released by Soundiron. This is the first playable virtual Turkish designed for professional composers and music producers.

These unique 5-stringed fretless hollow-body instruments from the streets of Turkey sound strikingly like guitars in certain ways, but with a very unique flavor and range of capabilities.

You’ll experience full control over each string, including key range, string selection, hammer-ons, pull-offs, legato and pluck type, all with key-switch support. Our unrivaled live strumming and chord generation tools can handle any style of lead or rhythm playing you throw at it. Each control can be fully automated by midi and we’ve designed several preset types to accommodate a variety of personal work-flows and preferences.

To put it simply, these libraries not only represent the most powerful ethnic stringed instrument libraries of their kind in the world – they deliver an unprecedented breakthrough in string instrument control solutions, flexibility and pure sound quality.

This samples library is available for 129 $ for each. Bundle offer for both at 199$. Check Here

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Video Presentation and Demo:

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