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DrumSpillage 2 Drum Synthesizer for MAC by AudioSpillage

Drum Synthesizer for MACAudioSpillage has released DrumSpillage 2, a multi-model drum synthesizer for Mac OS X users.

DrumSpillage 2 is equipped with 13 exclusive drum synthesis models. We’ve retuned the original models from version 1 especially for this release. The models implement a variety of synthesis techniques including classic analog, physical modelling, additive and FM synthesis.

DrumSpillage 2 New Features:

  • New streamlined user interface with larger sliders and clearer labelling
  • Upgraded synthesis and DSP architecture including anti-aliasing oscillators
  • 4 LFOs per pad (upgraded from 2 in 1.x)
  • Increased number of modulation destinations in the model editor
  • New LFO waveforms and smoother modulation for existing waveforms
  • Support for cross-modulating LFOs
  • Full dynamic velocity control over the synthesis parameters
  • New distortion algorithms
  • MPC/Maschine style pad layout preference
  • New kit presets designed especially for v2
  • Bug fixes and improved overall stability

DrumSpillage 2 will be released this Summer and is available to pre-order for a 25% discounted price (£56.25 GBP/69 EUR/$89 USD).

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