DrumSpillage 2 Drum Synth Plugin for Mac by AudioSpillage

DrumSpillage 2 Drum SynthAudioSpillage releases DrumSpillage 2 Drum Synthesizer Plugin Instrument for Mac OS X. This plugin combines many new features and innovations in a fresh new user interface design. Modulation and velocity controls are now ultra simple to set up. Extra large easy-to-hit sliders and clearer labelling will accelerate your sound design process.

DrumSpillage 2 features a major overhaul of the existing user interface. The new UI is a massive improvement and you’ll enjoy working with DrumSpillage more because of it. In keeping with the original aesthetic, DrumSpillage 2 continued with the flat design approach.

Each pad now features 4 dedicated LFOs with full control over MIDI key-sync triggering. This is a big improvement over the existing setup which featured 2 pad and 2 global kit LFOs. Also are available more modulation destinations and new waveform shapes.

DrumSpillage 2 New Features:

  • New streamlined UI design
  • Upgraded synthesis and DSP architecture including anti-aliasing oscillators
  • 4 LFOs per pad (upgraded from 2 in 1.x)
  • Increased number of modulation destinations in the model editor
  • New LFO waveforms and smoother modulation for existing waveforms
  • Support for cross-modulating LFOs
  • Full dynamic velocity control over the synthesis parameters
  • New distortion algorithms
  • MPC/Maschine style pad layout preference
  • New kit presets designed especially for v2

DrumSpillage 2 is available for €12.50 / $15.99 at the AudioSpillage website.

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