DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats Kontakt Instrument
DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats Kontakt

Stretch That Note (STN) new release DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats Kontakt (Native Instruments) Instrument Sound Library. This new sample pack features hi hats samples special designed for Kontakt users and thei music production.

A whole preset of 60 Hi Hat samples, phase canceled with a touch of M/S, ensure that your beats will hammer down any system with huge low end, crazy ass mid and top ends and some manic width and depth.
Explore the manual and check out the functions within Elements.

Each process has been designed to enhance, not take away from, your beat productions. So, download and get cracking!

Requirement Kontakt 4.2.3 full or later version.

Price for this is 10$. Check Here

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