DrumBrute Impact Drum Machine Announced by Arturia

Arturia Drumbrute Impact Drum Machine

Arturia has announced DrumBrute Impact, a brand new drum machine which should make their name in addition to energetic sounds and new features.

DrumBrute Impact, offers tweakable analog drum sounds, a “color” layer, output distortion and a built-in sequencer.

In fact, DrumBrute Impact offers 10 powerful and freshly reworked analog sounds, each with its own sound parameters. The 10 sounds include a kick, two snares, high and low toms, cymbals, closed and open hihat, cowbell and an FM sound.

Arturia Drumbrute Impact Drum Machine 2018

Using special color sound shaping, you can elicit a second tonal variant from each of the sounds of the DrumBrute Impact, doubling the sound potential of the drum machine once more.

Arturia promises to use the Drumbrute Impact to define new ways to create new grooves in live and studio settings.

In terms of sound, there are a total of ten sounds available in the Drumbrute Impact, which are called up using eight velocity-sensitive performance pads.

DrumBrute Impact features a polyrhythmic 64-step song-capable sequencer that is supported by a variety of easy-to-use performance controls, such as swing, random, step repeater, roller, and accents. In addition, the unquantized real-time recording should also be possible.

Other features of the Arturia DrumBrute Impact include a swing function, a random generator that gives the pattern unforeseen variations. This can be used individually for each instrument or globally.

Arturia Drumbrute Impact Drum Machine Connectivity

In addition, the Drumbrute Impact features four bus outputs, a mix output, MIDI IN / OUT and USB for connecting the drum machine to the DAW and the Arturia MCC.

Supposedly, the price of DrumBrute Impact is 299 Euro, which would offer a tempting value for money.

More Details: DrumBrute Impact

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