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Drum Depot – Tube Drums Released by Marco Scherer

Tube Drums - Metasonix Drum Samples

Marco Scherer, the owner of Drum Depot label has released Tube Drums, a new collection of original drum samples from the Metasonix D-1000 & D-2000 analog drum synthesizers.

Here is what Marco says about its new release:

As there’s no existing sample packs for the Metasonix drummies it didn’t take me long to think about making a pack with these tube monsters. Included you find original kits of D-1000 and D-2000, as well as bundle kits, which will give you the undisputed Metasonix tube sound combined with other drums for quicker workflow. As a bonus I added some evil S-1000 Wretch Machine sounds as well.

Metasonix D-2000 - Drum Synthesizers
Metasonix D-2000 – Drum Synthesizers
Metasonix D-1000 - Drum Synthesizers
Metasonix D-1000 – Drum Synthesizers

Drum Depot – Tube Drums includes 19 Metasonix D-1000 and D-2000 drum kits, 67 MIDI drum patterns and a bonus folder of S-1000 Wretch Machine drum kit. These drum samples match almost any kind of music, where you need powerful, well-defined drums created by real drum machines, not software.

The sample pack is available in multiformat ready for Battery 3+, Kontakt 5+, Ableton Live 9+, Maschine 2+, Geist & Geist Lite 1+, all SFZ & WAV compatible samplers. And because both synthesizers cost about $ 4,000, this collection of digital drum kits costs only $ 15, is a deal you can not deny!

Store Link: Drum Depot – Tube Drums

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