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“Drones” Free Sound Effects Pack Released by 99Sounds

Drones Free Sound Effects

99Sounds has released Drones, a free sample pack featuring drone sound effects and atmospheric soundscapes created by the sound designer, Red Fog.

Red Fog is a drone/ambient artist whose productions focuses mostly on drones, atmospheric soundscapes, and dark ambiances. “No beats, no rhythm, just pure drones and textures!”

You will find the full interview with Red Fog on the official website (link at the end of this post).

His free sound effects pack “Drones” aims to take you on a mysterious journey into outer space.

In total, you will get 50 drone sound effects in 24-bit Wav format. Kontakt and SFZ patches will be available soon.

The entire content of this free sample pack is licensed as Royalty-Free, so you can use any sound without restrictions.

“Drones” is available for free download (589MB) via 99Sounds website, check the link below.

More Details / Free Download: Drones

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