DRMR Free Drum VST Plugin

Beat Magazine, the popular German audio magazine has released the DRMR free drum plugin as a contribution to the annual KVR Developer Challenge (2018).

This new free drum plug-in called DRMR includes a number of 168 drum kits ready for creative use.

Using a classic 4×4 pad matrix, the individual sounds can be triggered, a mixer for mixing is also at the start.

Furthermore, at the end of the signal chain, there is a low-pass filter, a Hall effect and an LFO for pitch modulation.

Of course, you can also control the individual drum instruments via MIDI clip from the DAW or play with a pad controller.

Beat DRMR Free Drum VST Plugin

From classical analog sounds like the Roland TR-909 also modern Drummachine representatives (Arturia, Jomox, Elektron) can be found in the DRMR.

But also acoustic-electronic hybrid kits are also included, as well as special percussion kits.

Whether techno, house or hip-hop, everyone should find it.

The DRMR plug-in by Beat Magazine runs on Windows and Mac and is now available free of charge at KVR website, link below.

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