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Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Beef: Sample Packs and MIDI Loops

The Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Beef: Why is this happening?

Drake Kendrick Beef

This beef has the Hiphop community going crazy. ⁤⁤Some fans think Kendrick was just showing off lyrical skill, typical lyricism and hip hop. You know, friendly competition type stuff, but Drake took it personally for some reason.

Then, you have some saying that Kendrick and Drake are pulling a PR stunt to further promote themselves. It’s not unheard of, as a lot of artists have done this in the past, especially in hip hop and R&B.

Either way, fans of both are going crazy as if they have some sort of honor to protect or stake in the beef (pun intended).


The Spark Fueling The Beef

‘Control’ was the start of all of this. It was a great track, that fueled a lot of comeback and made artists who understood it, step their game up a notch. But there were artists that took it personally making the track out to be more than what it was and thanks friendly competition.


Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef Timeline


August 12, 2013Kendrick Lamar delivers a guest verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” names Drake and other rappers.
October 31, 2023Drake and J. Cole release “First Person Shooter.”
March 22, 2024Kendrick Lamar responds to “First Person Shooter” with “Like That.”
April 5, 2024J. Cole releases Kendrick diss track “7 Minute Drill.”
April 19, 2024Drake releases “Push Ups.”
April 24, 2024Drake releases “Taylor Made Freestyle.”
April 30, 2024Kendrick responds to Drake with “Euphoria.”
May 3, 2024Kendrick releases second Drake diss track “6:16 in LA.”
May 3, 2024Drake releases “Family Matters.”
May 3, 2024Kendrick releases “Meet the Grahams.”
May 4, 2024Kendrick releases “Not Like Us.”
May 5, 2024Drake releases “The Heart Part 6.”


Kendrick Lamar Sample Packs For Producers

Kendrick Lamar’s sound is an eclectic blend of jazz, funk, soul, and West Coast hip-hop influences. With great sounding drum samples, lush instrumentation, and thoughtful sampling. The beats always hit hard and he knows how to flow over the top.

Drake Sample Packs For Music Producers

Jungle Loops_AI Drake Beats Pack
Studio Trap - Toronto Legends
Toronto Kingz Trap Samples Trap Loops

Drake’s production is sort of like R&B vibes meet hip-hop swagger, with silky synths, basslines, soulful piano keys, and atmospheric, ambient melodies. All thanks to his go to producer, Noah “40” Shebib.


Thoughts On The Drake and Kendrick Beef

Personally, I can’t help but look at both perspectives and say there’s probably a little bit of both going on here, and yes, I’m sure there are some egos clashing, PR strategies and maybe even some real emotion fueling the diss tracks.

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