DP-24SD Digital Portastudio by TASCAM

TASCAM DP-24SD Digital Portastudio

TASCAM releases DP-24SD, a 24-track digital studio that allow you to record eight tracks in the same time. DP-24SD features a built-in mixer with all you need to get a professional mix: EQ, Reverb, Amp simulation and multi-band mastering effects.

Also TASCAM DP-24SD Digital Portastudio features a large color LCD despaly where you can see all the details about tracks, meters or effects parameters.

More Features:

  • supports SDHC standards for large capacity SD cards of up to 32GB
  • multitrack recorder functions include simultaneous 8 track recording + 24 track playback (44.1/48kHz, 16/24bit)
  • 3.5″ TFT color LCD display
  • each track has independent SELECT button and REC button
  • +48V Phantom power supported mic input
  • 8 balanced mic/line inputis (XLR/TRS combo jacks)
  • high-impedance guitar input supported
  • independent 3 band EQ for each input and playback track
  • mixing down to a dedicated master file possible
  • included mastering effects can be used on mix downs of master files
  • includes reverb and various other effects that can be independently adjusted for each playback track
  • audio punch in/out function
  • track bounce function
  • locate mark function
  • tuner and metronome functions
  • song data and Wav files can be copied and backed up to a computer connected via USB port
  • punch in/out and other functions can be assigned to and controlled by a foot switch such as Tascam RC-3F.

TASCAM DP-24SD is available priced at a street price of $400 USD.

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