WOW 2 VST Filter Effect Plugin by Sugar Bytes

WOW 2 VST Effect Plugin
$125 / €99 – BUY NOW

Sugar Bytes have released WOW2, a new version for they widely used multi-filter plugin that come with new features, used by famous electro, dubstep producers like Scrillex, Boys Noise, SiriusMo, Modeselektor, MouseOnMars and many big names.

This new versatile plugin comes with a new future-dripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types and the famous vowel mode.

The filters and distortions have been designed for best harmonics without aliasing, for high definition audio quality.

Modulation is power. Power is sex. Create stunning trance gates with the step sequencer, do some giant wobbles with the wobble generator or let all the modulators interact with each other. The LFO offers many different wave forms, restart options and sync flavors.

WOW2 Filter Effect Features:

  • 21 Filter types like Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Bandreject, Comb and much more. (Lowpass types up to 48 db, including flavors like SVF, Diode Ladder and Transistor Ladder.)
  • Three different analog modeling overdrives, four digital distortion functions (pre/post filter)
  • 4 modulation engines (Envelope Follower, LFO, Step Sequencer, Wobbler) – Modulators can modulate and randomize each other
  • Vowel Mode
  • More than 240 presets

WOW2 Plugin is available for a regular price of $125 / €99.

Buy/Download Links: WOW2 at PluginBoutique

Also WOW2 is available for iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later. App price is $14.99. Click on the black button for more details and download options.

Available at Apple App Store

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